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as to the charge of first- degree murder, verdict, as to count one, we the jury find the defendant not guilty. so say we all. >> two more not guilty verdicts would follow for casey anthony, the florida mother accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter. while she's been cleared in the death of her child, she was found guilty on four counts of giving false information to law enforcement. she could spend up to four years in prison for those charges. one year on each count. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. the verdicts for casey anthony came in about 45 minutes ago. she cried as the verdicts were read. the people in the courtroom appeared surprise. it's a case that's captivated the country, starting with the moment little caylee anthony was reported missing three years ago up until today with the verdicts. let's go live to emily schmidt who has been following the trial. >> reporter: good afternoon. less than an hour ago, casey
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anthony, when she heard the verdict, she broke into tears. their decision, not guilty on the most serious charges of killing her daughter. when day two of jury deliberations in the casey anthony trial got underway in orlando, an anxious casey anthony arrived to court learning this was the day she could learn her fate and it was. >> a jury of your peers have found you not guilty as to the charge contained of count one of the indictment, murder in the first degree. >> reporter: deliberations took jut over ten hours. for the men and women of the jury, it was literally a life or death situation, with the first-degree murder conviction punishable by the death penalty. prosecutors portrayed casey anthony as a selfish party girl who wanted to be treed from the burdens of raising her -- freed
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from the burdens of raiseing her child. >> she took her child, took her life and put her in the trunk and forgot about her. >> reporter: the defense hammered at the evidence presented by the prosecutor. >> reasonable doubt lives here. it's throughout the case. >> reporter: the jury did find casey anthony guilty 6 four counts of lying to a police officer. those are all merchandise, certainly carry a -- misdemeanor, certainly carry a much lighter sentence. sentencing is set for thursday. back to you. we're learning more about the american fishermen who are miss from a capsized boat off baja, california. a california coast guard plane took off from sacramento to join the search for the seven missing men. the fishing boat capsized early sunday near san felipe in the sea of cortez. a san francisco 1 san diego coast guard helicopter joined the search yesterday. all but one of the fishermen are from northern california.
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one person is confirmed dead. most of the others swam ashore or were rescued. 62-year-old richard sabbatiroa of nevada is among them. he told his wife he spent 12 hours in the water. >> he calls me last night around 9:30 or 10:00. i said good. how are you doing? he said i'm fine but the boat sank. i said what? i was kind of in shock. >> charles gibson of el sobrante and michael ing of belmont made it out alive. this woman is still awaiting word. >> scared to death. i can't imagine being without him. >> 62-year-old mark dorland of twain hart is also among the missing. the boat is operated by baja sport fishing in san diego. it was upended by two roaring
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waves. survival depends on many factors but water temperatures there are warm. we're also hearing that brian wong of berkeley and russell batista from the bay area are two of the missing men. family and friends of a missing berkeley cyclist are turning to the public for help. 29-year-old anthony mike martin was last scene saturday. allie rasmus joins us live to see why there's real concern he might be in trouble. >> reporter: we're on tunnel road in the oakland hills. you can see from the sign here. we've seen a lot of cyclists go by. this is a very popular route with cyclists. this is where friends and family of mike martin believes he may have bop fon -- he may have gone for a bike ride on saturday. we just got an update from berkeley police about a half- hour ago. they are sending more officers to search this. martin's girlfriend says he told her he was going for a bike ride on saturday
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afternoon. he was supposed to meet up with her for dinner saturday night and she was concerned when she didn't show -- when he didn't show up. she was even more concerned when another cyclist called her to say they found martin's cell phone on skyline boulevard. she and her family have gone through some of the bike trails in the area looking for clues or signs of the bike. now, we have a picture of him to show you. mike martin is 6 feet tall, with brown hair and brown is. he lives in berkeley and works as an edge near at uc berkeley. -- engineer at uc berkeley. his girlfriend said he was fasting and was concerned about the trails up there. they've contacted other law enforcement agencies in the area to be on the lookout for this missing man. >> he might have taken these turns like he usually does and gotten out of control. and when over the side. >> reporter: what we're --
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>> what we're encouraging them to do if they see anything, potentially brush along any of the routes, there's popular cycling routes that seem to be disturbed and/or pieces of a bicycle. >> reporter: martin was last seen riding his bike and he was wearing a blue and gray helmet, white cycling shoes, regular street clothe 1s and wearing a blue backpack at the time. anyone seen -- seen fitting this description is asked to give berkeley police a call. >> thank you, alley. in the last hour, b.a.r.t. gave an update on sunday's fatal officer-involved shooting. david stevenson joins us live with new information on this investigation. david? >> reporter: tori, the briefing here at b.a.r.t. headquarters wrapped up about 15 minutes ago. what we learned two days after the shooting, the investigators are still trying to dam the --
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are still trying to identified shooter. the shooting happened at platform 1 at san francisco station. two b.a.r.t. officers on couldn't -- con fronted an allegedly drunk male. b.a.r.t. police say he wielded a bottle and knife against the officers and was shot by one of them. we learned the officers were immediately removed from the station and isolated by the san francisco police department and were spoken to by san francisco police and bark detectives. one officer was armed with a taser. the they say the situation appeared 20 justify deadly force. >> any deadly force situation, a taser is a tool of availability. the officer is gonna make split- second decisions regarding how to respond with deadly force. our investigators are looking into what he chose to use his weapon. >> reporter: surveillance video show as portion of the
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confrontation. b.a.r.t. police are cauing on any witnesses they may have missed on sunday evening to help with their investigation. it's one of three investigations. reporting live in oakland, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. fireworks may have sparked a string of grass fires in contra costa county overnight. flames broke out around 9:30 near the railroad tracks. shortly after 10:00, crews battled another blaze near port chicago highway and driftwood drive. witnesses tell ktvu that they spotted a lot of illegal fire work activity in the pittsburg/bay point area. >> there are a lot of fireworks out. our marshals are trying to determine the cause. we don't have safe and sane fireworks here in the county. they are illegal. and that's part of the reason, to make sure we don't have these types of fires. >> some roads had to be shut down and all rail service was interrupted, although officials
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got the flames under control. there were plenty of other illegal fireworks being set off last night. >> this is what it looked like in san jose's al viso community. the law says anything that flies in the sky or explodes is illegal. the san jose police chief says due to recent budget cuts, they just don't know have the resources to crackdown on -- crack down on this community. >> you know what can happen in four, five minutes. a block can be taken out. >> the chief said the teams went out to various neighbors and schools hoping to get their message out to young people. and illegal fireworks also lit up fireworks in the east bay. our ktvu cameras spotted 24 display from -- this display.
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this area did not hold a fireworks show for the 4th of july. scientists have been tracking the huge collection of debris that followed the japan tsunami. the bay area may be in for another heat spell. steve paulson has the information for your area -- coming up. and almost a dozen fires burned in the bay area today. the reason is a mystery.
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two women working in a napa county vineyard were takening to queen of the valley hospital after being exposed to a powerful pesticide. the sprays that 1 was applied and -- the spray that was applied drifted. their condition mass not been re-- has not been released. a fire started at 5:30 at pito's towing on 46th avenue near international boulevard. our ktvu news crew took these pictures giving us a closer look at the damage. the fire destroyed ten cars parked in an outside lot and damaged a carport roof. an oakland battalion chief said they had to work quickly to
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keep the fire from spreading. >> the main threat was the cars were burning quickly and we're trying to contain it and there was an apartment building to the right of 2 that was fairly close that we didn't want to catch on fire. ever since the earthquake an tsunami in japan, scientists have been tracking the millions of tons of debris that have produced. we watched as cars, homes, entire towns were swept into the ocean. now researchers are studying the long-term effects of this. this is a computer model showing the concentration of material washing into the water right after the tsunami hit. in the second computer image taken yesterday, you can see the dots moving further out into the ocean. it's moving at about 10 miles a day. it's roughly about the same size as california. this is what scientists predict for 2013. they expect the degree from
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japan to hit the hawaiian islands next spring and then move along the beaches in california, oregon and washington in 2013 or early 014. dominique strauss-kahn faces new allegations of rain. this time by a woman of france. an author has come forward saying khan-strauss tried to rape her during an interview in 2003. the 62-year-old was released from house arrest on friday, when a hotel maid's allegations came forward. strauss-kahn resigned from the imf in may following the rape charge. a fund-raiser to help find the killer of a san mateo restaurant manager got underway just over an hour ago. doug costello was shot to death outside this d 1 tgif restaurant on january 21st, 2008. his killer has never been found. today would have been his 140th
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birthday. the restaurant is contribute the 5% of all sales to increase the current $40,000 reward in the case. the fund-raiser lasts until 1:00 a.m. a group of watt -- squatters is operating at the mission district and a chaotic scene broke out last night when police officers showed um. >> hey! hey! police arrested one man last night. he's part of a group called homes, not jails. they have taken over a building on 20 the and mission. >> this -- on 20th and mission. this property has been sitting vacant for 19 years. there's 42 units sitting vacant. >> the group said it would like to see the group of supervisors push for attacks for property owners who leave housing units unoccupied for more than a year. coca-cola donated $250,000 this morning to the san
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francisco parks trust program. the fund will be used to build a new trail in the northeast corner of golden gate park and fund a sports recreation van that will travel around the city. former mayor gavin newsom -- >> at the end of the day we all know we're living in some form of austerity and we have to fig -- we have to figure out creative ways to solve the problems. well, if you are inland, it's sunny, war, hot. if you are by the -- by the coast. there's still nothing out there. it's about 500 feet. if you are stuck in it, it's a cold, foggy mat earn. but a lot 6 -- foggy pattern. 18164 -- 64. so the fog has been hugging the sonoma coast. some of that cool air is moving in. but it's not moving in far
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enough. our observer says it feels cooler out there. maybe the slight component is trying to kick in. 90s inland. in fact we'll have probably one more day of that and then we'll see a decrease. the fog went straight down the coast and now it's trying to go up the coast. it doesn't have a lot to go on. high pressure is still hitting -- siting on top of it. san jose is at 84. there's a big difference. you can see the green along the peninsula. 70s there. 80s for some. that's at the napa airport. i think i saw 84 closer to town. a lot of fog. it's just not deep enough. it will make it over the golden gate bridge and then ainge jel island, it will start to get -- angle island, it will start to get dropped down. the system will lift it. probably won't be until 24, 36 hours. there it is. it cooks -- looks like cooler
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weather is on the way. fog near the coast, sun, a lot of it. plenty of temperatures that are warm to hot. there's others that are cool and foggy. we can go anywhere from 60s to near 100. a lost 80s in between. temperatures even out to the valley are very hot. 68 almeda, 97 brentwood, 93 livermore. 94 gill rear, 84 fremont. 88 saratoga and los gatos and then 60s, 70s. south, san francisco to the -- low 20 mid-80s on the peninsula. there are signs that cooler weather is on the way. for those looking for, that hang on. thursday it will be here. >> thank you, steve. a huge crowd enjoyed a spectacular 4th of july fireworks show on san francisco's waterfront. [ cheers ] >> this year, it was a rare fog-
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free show. tens of thousands of people enjoyed an awesome fireworks display under clear summer skies. everyone agreed it was a great day to celebrate america's birthday. >> everybody is looking for a spark in life and the fireworks just does it for you. every time you look at them, you see freedom and sparks that you want in life, you know? >> san francisco's waterfront is one of the few places lest in the bay area where you can still enjoy a big fireworks show. several bay area cities have recently cancelled their shows due to balance cutbacks. the city 6 oakland is fating criticism for what some are calling 5 budget trick. it involves selling the henry j. kaiser convention center. the former auditorium next to lake merritt has been empty for years. the city is selling the building to the city's redevelopment agency for $28 million. city officials say the move will help deal with a $58 million budget shortfall. you are 1 but critics say it's
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just a smoke in mirrors move. it won't sav the long problems -- it won't is solve the long problems. the sidewalk was crowded on the bridge. passengers and bikers had to share. they plan to keep the area closed for three months. there are plans to paint a sidewalk to divide pedestrians and cyclists. just ahead -- traumatic video of some people who got in trouble during a rafting trip in northern california. and the perjury trial of a famous ex-baseball starr is coming up. he got some -- baseball star is coming up. he got some potentially good news.
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stocks wavering, trading volume expected to be quite light this week since the markets were closed yesterday for july 4th. many traders looking ahead to next week when alcoa began the first major u.s. company to report financial results. of course, last week, the dow rose 648 points. the market is taking a bit of a breather as well. right now, the dow is up 3. the nasdaq is up 10. s&p is down 2. teammates of new york yankees' pitcher -- pitcher roger clemens will probably not be able to testify in his perjury trial. he's the latest professional --
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professional athlete to be accused of lieing to a grand jury about his use of steroids. a judge said he was unlikely to allow testimony from those players who said he was -- they were given steroids by trainer brian mack nammy. over the weekend, seven bay area rafters learned a lesson the hard way. >> big drop. >> this video is from the helmet cameras of two of the rafters. shortly after launch the raft, all ser7 were flipped into the cold water of the american river an swept down steel. >> that question crossed my mind, that's not the way, is this gonna be the way that i go? >> some of the rafters managed to hold onto the raft, hoping to avoid getting sucked under the water. the group finally made it to a
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calm spot where they were able to get out. 558-year-old woman was hospitalized and still doesn't remember the accident. no one else was injured. today is stage 4 of the tour de france but during the first stage on saturday, you can see it, there are -- a huge crash slowed down part of the field. someone watching on the side of the road got too close to the cyclists and caused the chain reaction crash. one of the riders brought down was the defending champion, alberto. he lost a minute of time. the crash did not cause many injuries. in yesterday's stage 3, tyler, became the first to win on the 4th of july. coming up on the news a -- news at 6:00 we're following developments offed coast of baja, california, where crews are searching for the fishermen. also, right now, this bay area astronaut is getting ready to board the final space
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shuttle mission. but his family tells us about the impact of this space station. our next newscast is the news at 5:00. thanks for watching. have a great day.
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